Make your events planned by an expert

July 8th, 2009

When planning an event, you have to be sure whether or not will you be able to plan, manage and handle the event alone? There are numerous aspects to be taken care of before the event takes place. If you think you wont be able to handle and complete everything, it is advisable that you hire an ‘Event Planner’. To decide whether or not you will need assistance of an Event Planner, look at the size of the Event. If its a huge event then it will have loads of pre-event and post-event work attached to it and will require more than one person to complete everything.
Event planning is the process of planning a function, ceremony, party, conference, corporate events, award functions or competitions. It includes selecting and reserving venue for the event, budgeting, deciding dates and alternative dates, acquiring permits, reserving parking and arranging transportation facility. It can even include some of the followings in some events – arranging decoration, tables, chairs tents, catering, security, electrical support, parking, portable washrooms, security, cleanup and other such utilities, developing theme for the event, arranging speaker and emcee, DJs,anchors, celebrities,etc. There are numerous objectives to be set, proposals to be made, vendors to be contacted, budgets to be made and contracts to be negotiated. These are serious and important tasks taken care by the event professionals. Simply finding out numbers and calling up vendors can result in disaster, as you cannot predict how a particular vendor will perform, as you dont know his work experience and work quality. But a professional Event Planner has experience in this field and has cultivated relationships with reputed and good vendors in the field. And so he can assure reliability, quality of work , and full satisfaction. A good quality of vendor represents the professionalism of the event Planner, thus they provide only the best of vendors. They plan in such a way that they are always prepared and ready in advance for the worst and in case something unexpected happens.
There is a misconception that hiring an event planner will increase ones budget and cost him or her a lots of money. But on the contrary, by hiring them you will not only stay within the budget but will also save money. As you are naive and dont have much knowledge about this business, a vendor can fool you and over charge . But a planner can many times negotiate a much lower rate for their clients, simply on the basis of his/her goodwill and relations in the market.Also there are many variations in the ways an event planner charges his fees. They can take a flat fee, charge an hourly fees or charge a percentage fees. You can negotiate any type of fees structure, and you will end up saving again!
Although Event Planning cannot guarantee a problem-free event, but it equipts you to handle any problem gracefully.

Event planning- now easier

May 27th, 2009

The task of hosting event or throwing party looks easier but it requires careful planning to make the event successful and perfect. There are many reputed event organizers around and you can invite them to arrange the event. Since they are professional in organizing events, it would be very easier to take great care of every minute requirement. Since they are in the business and organizing the events on the regular basis, they are also well connected with their relevant supportive hands offering similar services. The event organizers normally negotiate with the vendors and suppliers of services on your behalf and organize an event keeping your budget in mind. To make the event successful they have to deal with an array of other supportive venders like florists, catering agencies, photographers, the size of venue etc. Since it is their regular business, they can negotiate with them well to get the best prices. If you try to arrange on your own, it would be very difficult for you to line up everything at the right time. But for professional event organizers it is like a child’s play. Hiring event organizer would be an added expense but it offers great peace of mind to the customer. Just give them the concept of the event and consider you work is done. The professional event organizers would take complete responsibility to arrange the event for their customers. If the event is not properly organized, the reputation of your company would be at a stake. It would be always advisable to opt for a reliable and reputed event organizer who never fails to provide their best services at the venue to make the event successful.
Once the venue and date of the event is decided, it would be easy for you to take good advantage of the event by utilizing the press releases, guest books, advertising, sending invitation to the guests and inviting media to promote the event. The event organizers have to be ready to face some extra guests as many invitees avoid to be presented personally but to maintain the business relations, they might arrange their personnel to attend the event. Sometimes, the number of guests may appear more than the expected. So the professional event organizers have to prepare for that and arrange accordingly. You have to be very careful about arranging catering for the guests. Looking at the status of the invitees and guests, you have to organize the finest catering and drinks so that the guest would enjoy the event and your purpose is being solved. A well planned business event ensures the potential business growth, contracts and publicity. A perfectly organized event can boost up your marketing strategies easily. The event should be organized by understanding the basic concept and intention of the event suitable to your budget.

Don’t worry about event planning

May 27th, 2009

The sphere of event planning consists of numerous complexities. First of all, the event planner has to identify all its targeted audiences. Then he has to fabricate various concepts for the event. And planning of the logistics is also a main task of the event planner for a successful event management. The event planner also has to coordinate well with all the technical aspects of the event before he implements and executes his plan for the event. Management science is also applied in the sphere of event planning. Therefore, the event planner should have all the pertinent information about event management during various occasions and festivities.
In the current time and age, most of the business houses are now using the tool of event planning in order to communicate with their probable and established patrons. Event planning is also used by many trade organizations in order to publicize their brands. A business house has to undergo various events in its life tenure. This may be due to the launch of their new product or any sizeable achievement. Press conferences and other similar events are constantly arranged by many organizations in order to stay in touch with their targeted clients. This would also produce better media coverage for their company. Nowadays, many organizations invite their clients also at their events, so that they can reach them directly.
Any company would require the services of a good event planner for various occasions like corporate seminars, product launches and discussions. Many companies also organize various promotional schedules like the training programs, television centered junctures, event promotions and road shows, in which the need for a good event planner is unavoidable. An event planner would prove to be helpful in various special events like the fashion shows and concerts, organized by any entity.
The main task of the event planner is to prepare and execute events. Some of their primary duties comprise of preparing, implementing, brand construction, promotion and forming communication strategies for the events. A good event planner should not only be creative but also resourceful and technologically educated. This would help any particular event to gain success.
In the current times, the sphere of event planning is growing at an incredibly faster rate. Most of the companies are now organizing event and shows for availing promotional benefits. If you love the glamour and excitement in your career, then event planning is also an optimal alternative. Though you have to offer a lot of hard work and show immense enthusiasm in your job, as an event planner. There are only a handful of universities that bestow diplomas in the subject of event planning. The main subjects included in the study of event planning are organizations abilities, technical knowledge, communal associations, promotion and catering.

Lush Inc. is one of the most inclusive event planning firms.

March 17th, 2009

Organizing the small parties and functions are not a very difficult task, but at the same time, organizing the huge parties, festivals, or any other type of celebration is indeed a very exhaustive task. There are various factors that you need to consider while planning and organizing any kind of event. This task gets further difficult as nowadays, we find out less time for ourselves and thus taking out spare time for managing the organization get very impossible. However, to make things easier for us, you will find the various event planning and production firms that offer the facilities such as organizing the movie premiers, launch parties, corporate functions, concerts, award shows, and numerous social events.
These event planning and production firms take care of every minutest detail and requirement that is necessary for making the visitors and the guests comfortable and relaxed all through the time. may it be the theme of the event, selecting the event place, speakers, coordinating location support, chairs, security, fire control, parking, emergency plans and clean up. Each of these small things are taken care of in the most apposite manner. Thus, it gets very important that you select the best event planning and production firm for your celebration. Amongst the various such firms, the Lush Inc. is one of the most inclusive event planning firms.